In October 2019, Glasgow will play host to An Comunn Gàidhealach’s Royal National Mod – 29 years since it was last held in the city.

Thèid Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail a’ Chomuinn Ghàidhealaich a chumail ann an Glaschu san Dàmhair 2019 – nuair a bhios 29 bliadhna ann bho chaidh am Mòd a chumail sa bhaile mu dheireadh.

Famous for celebrating our Gaelic linguistic and cultural heritage, Scotland’s premier Gaelic festival provides opportunities for people of all ages to perform across a range of competitive disciplines including Gaelic music and song, Highland dancing, instrumental, drama, sport and literature.

As Scotland’s creative, cultural and sporting capital, Glasgow enjoys a reputation as one of Europe’s most vibrant, dynamic and stylish destinations and will be the perfect host for the Royal National Mod 2019.


Tha ceilidh a bhith againn, a bheil sibh a ‘tighinn? 💃🏼👯‍♀️🎻🎹

“As First Citizen, I’m really looking forward to welcoming the Royal National Mòd to Glasgow.

Mòd Ghlaschu 2019 will be my first experience of this event and I’m very excited. Glasgow is proud to have secured the return of this premier cultural occasion which always attracts huge interest, far beyond the Gaelic community.

This great city, a UNESCO City of Music, is home to more Gaelic speakers than any other part of Scotland outside the Highlands and Islands. So it’s a natural host for this unique event. We also have some experience – for this will be the 13th time it’s been held here.

As Lord Provost I’m delighted to lend my support to the Glasgow Local Organising Committee. Glasgow is a great advocate of the Gaelic language and immensely proud to give its backing to this fantastic event.

I’m also proud to say, Gaelic medium education was first taught here in 1985. It’s so popular we now have three Gaelic nurseries, two primary schools and one secondary school teaching the subject to meet demand.

Our citizens’ positive support for Gaelic and Gaelic education chimes with the Scottish Government’s 2011 Social Attitudes Survey that found 72% of Scots wanted access to Gaelic education increased.

To everyone involved in supporting this wonderful cultural celebration of Gaelic – Mòd Ghlaschu 2019 – on behalf of the city, my very best wishes.”


Tha ceilidh a bhith againn, a bheil sibh a ‘tighinn? 💃🏼👯‍♀️🎻🎹