With a population of 600,000 and as Scotland’s creative, cultural and sporting capital, Glasgow enjoys an enviable reputation as one of Europe’s most vibrant, dynamic and stylish destinations.

Gaelic is in the DNA of the city of Glasgow and at the heart is Gaelic Medium Education. By 2019, the number of students educated in the city’s two schools is expected to be close to 1,000. As a result, Glasgow Life, the city’s Sports, Arts and Culture delivery partner has Glasgow as a key tenet of its strategy.

Glasgow is a city of young people and has the youngest city population in Scotland. There are over 140,000 students in higher and further education. It will be an opportunity to celebrate Gaelic culture, the traditions of the Mod and illuminate the extraordinary event to a whole new audience.

Glasgow is a place for competitors and their families to enjoy. Boasting a selection of ‘world-class’ entertainment and visitor venues, surrounded by shops, eateries and cinemas, Glasgow, ‘Scotland’s friendliest city’, will embrace the Mod and help give the unrivalled level of visibility and reach required.