Glasgow Mod 2019 will showcase Gaelic culture on a significant urban scale. The Mod already has significant appeal and in 2019 will provide the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience in a city

Le Mòd Ghlaschu 2019, bidh cultar na Gàidhlig air a thaisbeanadh ann an teis-meadhan a’ bhaile-mhòir. Tha cliù mòr aig a’ Mhòd mu thràth agus ann an 2019 bidh cothrom ann cur ri ìomhaigh a’ Mhòid agus an tachartas a shanasachd ann am baile far a bheil 600,000 neach a’ fuireach.

Centered around the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in the heart of the city centre, Glasgow Mod 2019 promises to be a major celebration.

Kicking off with a spectacular Opening Ceremony on the evening of Friday 11 October 2019, the week will incorporate an extensive programme of events featuring high-profile performances and will culminate on the morning of Saturday 19 October with the traditional mass gathering of the Gaelic choirs.